May the 4th Be With You !

Badges on Brick

Probably unsurprisingly and as reported elsewhere, CASTRUST.ORG enjoyed a bumper week last week, but also during the month of April which is not quite over - with approaching 7000 hits. This surpassed its past recent average of 6000, and longer average of around 5000.

Much of this will be attributed to news around the joint statement with CAFC last week, but also the interest around our very Chris Powell and our tribute to him via our print out CP mask.

Hits are very important to CAS Trust as it show we are reaching more Addicks, which in turn allows us to spread the word about the Trust and our message in general, to expand our network and hopefully increase our membership.

So what of our slightly unoriginal headline?

TNT for FREE: 44 Page bumper Edition  - 5000 distribution from CAFC programme sellers and local pubs.

Well, this weekend before the Bristol City match will witness the distribution of 5000 CAS Trust news  (TNT) edition #3  - via programme sellers and local pubs in a bumper 44 page edition and it's FREE no donation required.. as part of a collaboration with CAFC. We are hoping this will also bring a bumper return of interest in our website and increase our network still further so we can reach our target and build a representative trust


In those pages are details of our next survey and associated PRIZE DRAW Season Ticket Giveaway, and other prizes, and all you will need to do is complete our survey. More details shortly

CAS Trust (very limited edition) T-SHIRTS

You may even be able to find a very limited stock of our new t-shirts on a local stall if we can persuade them to sell them for us.

So please keep your eyes peeled on Saturday and May the 4th be with you..