CAS Trust Board/Exec as you were as SGM part 2 endorses election

Monday night aptly saw a return to CAS Trust steering group's birth place in New Eltham - the Beehive pub. Apt because the steering group nearly a year since its inception was to be no more.

But no need to panic..

The meeting was the second part of the Special General Meeting to elect a full Board for the now fully incorporated Supporter's Trust, as well as chance for that Board to then elect its executive officers who no longer be classified as interim.

Despite being low key, and without impending doom on our doorstep the meeting attracted a new volunteer for board duties, as well as other members who were keen to participate and contribute idea, and one new member who joined on the night. One question was raised by members keen to spread the gospel to others wanting to know more about what the Trust was all about, what we had achieved and why Addicks should join.

This isn't a full minute of the meeting however we can reveal that the key executive roles as follows were elected unanimously from the newly endorsed Board.


Chairman: Barnie Razzell

Vice-chair: Craig Sloman

Treasurer: Kevin Messere

Secretary (non-Board): Richard Wiseman

Other roles were due to be co-opted at the next meeting but were expected to remain as they were (previously these were)

Club and Fan Liason: Ken Sinyard

Press: Math Morrison

Membership: Richard Hicks

Commercial Liaison: Richard Hunt (non-Board)

Chairman of Election Committee (non-Board): Nigel Pamment

Also Elected to the CAS Trust Board were:

Jonathan Bangs


The Meeting

There was much discussion about future direction, and ideas from the floor as well as acknowledgement of the achievements of the last year & first six months since formal launch. And these were identified as follows:



The most significant being our drive to give Addicks an Independent voice - key to which are

  • Establishment of an Independent nationally recognised Supporter's Trust for CAFC including our launch and back to the Valley celebration
  • Our progress to build our network of Addicks fans and Trust Membership (now at 3000 and 500 respectively)
  • While also Surveying fans (3 times now), the most recent attracting over 2200 responses, and having dialogue with fan groups; And very important
  • Positive engagement with the football club, while also representing fans views from our research on a whole range of issues that are important to fans
  • Our website and Publication TNT both of which we understand have been well received, and are receiving 10,000 hits per month, and just had a 5,000 circulation (respectively)