Powell in contract talks: RD & Co Presser Feedback

So far nothing particularly new that we didn't know from that Board Video or RM's Q&A, a quick and possibly slightly silly summary..

The only snippet we didn't know about - that somehow got out to the media the night previously - was CP to be offered a new deal. Didn't quite materialise on the day (quelle surprise), but talks are underway yes sireeee..

So what else was said (in the first part of the presser) plus a few other recent developments at the club

  • New pitch ASAP (Yay! but too late for this season?)
  • Powell picks the team (who said otherwise??!! and Yay!)
  • Powell picks who he signs? (not sure that was asked.. perhaps Powell will tell fans tonight at Bromley, oops no you can't its just been cancelled)
  • Roland has a network we can use (Yay!)
  • No plans to leave the Valley (YAY! and double YAY!, can it have a coat of paint please..)
  • Community - good, could be even better (we're trying, but yes agree)
  • Academy - same (we're helping promote Valley Gold, sign up peeps)
  • Sell the odd player sometimes... (sell 3 when teetering on the edge of relegation, hmmm)
  • Matchday experience - needs improvement (no one will disagree, least of all us)
  • Football Clubs should break even - (we did in the Premier League.. tough one in the Championship when everyone else is spend, spend, spend, admirable aspiration nonetheless)
  • Charlton's new Wall social media feeder feature - good, font could be better, name sounds a bit too much like them downt road though.. (Booo!)
  • Charlton medium term future secure via RDs wealth - (Yay!)
  • Charlton commentary team now for Charlton Live (Yay!)

Some more questions that might be asked in future?

  • How about speaking to the fans direct we are a decent bunch honest.
  • What happens if two clubs meet in the UEFA Cup, or heaven forbid Champions League.
  • What if the rules change on loans, or club ownership?
  • 3 (4 if you include Stewart) good tried and tested Championship players leave, a fair number of untested ones come in - (has the task in hand been underestimated by the experts? An admission here?)
  • We still have no wingers/pace and the window is creaking shut.. (how's that going?)
  • Can you please make a statement on Safe Standing, would look great in all your stadia.

What did everyone else think?