#CAFC Fans voting with their fivers for CAS Trust

March has seen unprecedented growth of CAS Trust Membership

The month of March as seen around 24 Addicks sign up for the Trust which has democratic and accountable rules and structures at its heart, and still a quarter of the month left to go. Similarly interest in our network (which also includes our subscribers, Facebook likes and Twitter followers) has increased and isn't too far off 5000.



Membership has normally only risen at this kind of level (shown above) during campaigns and active membership drives.

The Trust's link up with Valley Gold publicised in TNT 5 may be having a delayed effect. Indeed Valley Gold itself has been defying the odds and also seen an increase in its subscribers - which according to Wendy Perfect Valley Gold communications officer, was not what was expected while many have seen their standard of living eroded in recent years, something which Wendy puts down to the partnership with CAS Trust. We're happy to help Wendy!

Recent activity around calls for dialogue with new owner Roland Duchatelet may also be an influencing fans who perhaps are concerned about the network of clubs idea And reports of the club being a feeder to Standard Liege.

The Trust has also done work on a match day experience survey with CAFC, spoken up about match scheduling, ticket prices, gains to be made from the FA Cup, as well as our most recent poll of fans asking what they think of current events at Charlton and how it might affect their wish to renew their season tickets.

Of course there is only one way to know why they're joining, to ask them?

CAS Trust is The Addicks Trust, giving fans a voice