Powell Exit Poll: 79% sacking wrong, 63% Network poor-awful, 51% less likely to buy Season Ticket

Results of Powell Exit Poll

The Poll

In recent weeks CAS Trust has completed a survey of 1286 Addicks (1144 on line, and 142 in person at the Huddersfield, Bournemouth and Burnley games) asking questions about recent events at the club including Chris Powell's departure. Usefully, we can separate out responses by collector; online or face to face before the matches when the stall was in operation; and also week by week. The surveys collected on our stall are small samples though, and of course it must be remembered that people who completed the poll may have been drawn to the stall or the website rather than being random fans in the street.

Chris Powell Sacking

 A large 79% of respondents said that Powell should not have been sacked. 16% agreed with the decision and 5% did not know.  There was a slight variation in the results of the first week of the survey and the second week: In the second week, 74% were against the sacking.  Perhaps this variation might be explained by the fact that people who were upset about the sacking were more likely to seek out the poll in week 1 and register their opinions.

Later in the survey we also asked if those polled were Trust members, subscribers or not interested in the Trust. The only question where this made much of a difference was for this particular question: The split was 80% for members against the sacking; 85% for subscribers; while those not interested in the Trust registering 70% against. While this suggests that active participants in the Trust were a bit more pro Powell, it still shows a strong majority of the total supporter base against his sacking.

Who should acquire players?

In terms of player acquisition and disposal:

  • 78% believed that the manager /head coach should have final say.
  • 11% said this should be for the owner to decide.
  • 7.5% preferred a Director of Football to have final say.

There was perhaps a weakness in this question in that it ignored financial considerations.  It is unlikely that the 78% who supported the manager having final say meant that this should be regardless of cost.  It is likely that it can be read as 78% believing that the manager should only have players in his squad that he wants to have.

Who should pick the team?

  • 98.5% said the manager should have final say on team selection.
  • 1.1% preferred a Director of Football.
  • 0.23% (3 people) wanted the owner to select the team.

Are you more or less likely to buy a season ticket?

  • 51% said they were less likely to buy a season ticket next season as a result of Powell’s sacking.
  • 46% said it made no difference.
  • 3% said they were more likely to buy a season ticket.

There was a significant difference over the two weeks on this matter.

In the second week

  • 34% said they were less likely;
  • 61% said it made no difference and
  • 5% said they were more likely.

This might be explained by people reacting emotionally when they first heard the news, whereas those who responded later had realised that they would gradually come to terms with their grief and continue with the habits of a lifetime. We also note that the poll did not identify whether recipients were current season ticket holders or not.

What do you think of the Network idea?

  • 63% said that CAFC being part of a network of clubs was a poor (29%) or awful (34%)  idea.
  • 19% said it was a good idea.
  • 2.5% thought it was excellent and
  • 16% did not know.

There was no significant variation on this over the two weeks of the survey. 

There are many different views on the advantages and disadvantages of the network model but the survey clearly shows that a significant proportion of supporters remain to be convinced of its benefits to CAFC.

We asked what factors had let Chris Powell down this season.  

  • 94% said lack of investment from the previous owners was to      blame.
  • 88% agreed that not retaining last season’s best strikers and then selling Yann Kermorgant had let him down.
  • 85% blamed the lack of good loan or permanent signings since the takeover.
    71% pointed to the players not playing well enough.
  • 58% pointed to Powell’s team selections or tactical errors being at fault.

On the New Manager

Finally, 13% thought that Jose Riga had a good chance of keeping the club in The Championship. 42% thought he had little chance and 44% said they did not know.


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