Tal Ben Number 5 – adds to Peeters haul

Standard Liege centre back Tal Ben-Haim today signed for Charlton bringing the number of new senior player, and the number of centre backs at the club to 5

With three senior players in that position now available, there should be enough opportunity to bring on Charlton's promising youth in that area without it being an issue.

32 year old TBH as fans have nicknamed him has signed a one year deal and looks like backup to main pairing of Michael Morrison and Andre Bike.

Roland Duchatelet's network playing its role in bringing talent and value to his approach at Charlton, as well as picking up Championship bargain free transfers, and value for money signings like Vitokele through the now widened scouting network, whilst renewing existing players, and a commitment to bringing on Youth.

Fans will possibly be hoping for a few more signings to really make a competitive team, but so far so good.



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