Supporters’ Trust membership on the rise again

CAS Trust membership on the rise recently

Membership has been rising amid concerns raised about the direction and running of the football club, and its identity and autonomy in the Staprix Network of Roland Duchatelet.

The message to existing and non-Members is the SUPPORTERS' TRUST needs your support to carry on what we have been doing - so please don't forget to renew your membership if you've already joined.

This helps us

  • Achieve an independent, nationally recognised voice for Charlton fans
  • Conduct Surveys and Research that give fans a real voice, not just claiming to speak for them, on issues that matter - like the future of Valley Express. We can't please everyone of course, but we certainly try to listen.
  • Keep up regular contact through our match day stall, and social media.
  • Produce an excellent free magazine TNT without using sponsors.
  • It means the very hard work of a small number of volunteers can go a long way, to do research and produce articles on what really matters to Charlton Fans.
  • We now have an auto-renew feature, so please use it if that helps.


If you care about more than potholes in the car park, and want to achieve some influence about the way our club is run like we do, please give us your support. join, volunteer, and sign up likeminded fans. A supporters' Trust is for life not just for Crisis.