Olympic Stadium – Please sign the new petition launched by a coalition of EIGHT London Supporters Trusts

The broadcast of the BBC programme on the Olympic Stadium deal (link above) has triggered a fast moving and remarkable coalition of Supporters Trusts across London who are now working together to demand a full public enquiry.

Please sign the petition by clicking on this link and share it as widely as possible.

Below is the text of the press release about the launch, which shows the other Trusts which have joined CAST and LOFT. We are confident of further support from the remaining London club Trusts, and from across England once we’ve brought the petition to the attention of the wider football world.


Today, an unprecedented coalition of London football club supporters have come together to call for a full public inquiry into the deal agreed between West Ham United and the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) for the rental of the Olympic Stadium. This call comes in the wake of the recent BBC documentary which exposed the level of taxpayer subsidy being provided to West Ham United to occupy the stadium, and the subsequent calls for a public inquiry made by MP’s Chris Bryant and David Lammy.

We believe this deal, many of the details of which remain secret even after a Freedom of Information Act request, raises serious questions about the level of taxpayer subsidy given to a private company. We are also deeply concerned about the competitive advantage given to one club over others through this taxpayer subsidy.

A spokesperson for the coalition said: “The fact that so many supporter groups have come together to call for this inquiry shows that the issues raised go beyond football tribalism. As football fans and as taxpayers we want to see the preservation of fair competition and full transparency in public finances. This shady deal is not in the interests of the game of football and does little to promote public confidence in the way our money is being spent.”

The organisations supporting this call are:

Arsenal Supporters Trust
Charlton Athletic Supporters’ Trust
Chelsea Supporters’ Trust
Crystal Palace Supporters’ Trust
Fulham Supporters’ Trust
Leyton Orient Fans’ Trust
QPR1st Supporters’ Trust
Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust