CEO resigns

She is bright, sassy, funny, apparently streetwise and has been dubbed "the new Karren Brady". She was universally popular at her place of work. Yet, after going into hiding abroad for a week and being driven home from the airport in a car with blacked-out windows, Sunderland's chief executive Margaret Byrne has resigned her post after acknowledging a "serious error of judgement" over the Adam Johnson case.

The Guardian quote "someone who likes and admires Byrne" as saying that they never saw her as CEO material. Eight years ago, while working as a criminal lawyer in a North London legal practice, she was successful in her application to the post of club secretary. She was promoted to the post of CEO at the age of 31 but many, including those who saw her potential, felt that she lacked the necessary experience and overall vision for such an exacting role.

Her error of judgment over Johnson was a serious one and her resignation was inevitable. The affair is a timely reminder of how challenging the post of CEO of a football club is and the amount of experience, wisdom and judgement that is required to perform the multi-stranded role to an acceptable standard.