Club response to Trust’s meeting invitation

Roland Duchâtelet has responded to Steve Clarke's invitation to a meeting by simply forwarding it to Katrien Meire and asking her to respond. We were disappointed by this, particularly in the light of Roland's comments on the club website only a few days ago:

"However today, since the situation is extremely critical & now that we see there is a problem in terms of that relationship (with the fans), I step in to help together with all the fans to try to solve the problem."

Are these empty words? You could be forgiven for thinking so. Roland's definition of "stepping in" currently amounts to an interview with the South London Press and a series of uninspiring short videos on the official website. Despite being "very concerned with the well-being of CAFC" he is not prepared to give any time at all to meeting actual supporters - not even the chair of The Supporters Trust - an independent and democratic organisation comprising nearly 1100 members.

Katrien's reply reiterates a point she made to us previously (in January) - that Roland "leaves fan management and engagement over to the senior managers of CAFC.”

So where is the evidence that Roland is engaging with fans? What is he doing?  If not him, what are the senior managers of CAFC doing?

Many fans are way beyond the point of trusting the Club’s promises. And more promises are made, with no action.  Put that alongside the team plummeting out of the Championship and even the most optimistic and tolerant of fans will despair for the future of our football club.