CAS Trust complains about Bury incident

CAS Trust has today written to Russell Slade following complaints about Roger Johnson being abusive to supporters at Bury on Saturday.

Dear Russell,

I am Chair of The Charlton Athletic Supporters' Trust and I was one of the thousand or so people who made the 500 mile round trip to Gigg Lane on Saturday.  On both counts I feel compelled to write to you about a reported incident towards the end of the game, particularly in the light of your recent comments to the media about building team spirit and imposing discipline on the squad.

It wasn't an inspiring performance by any means but I hope you'll agree that the support of the travelling fans for the team throughout the game was loud and persistent.

I was therefore particularly disappointed to hear that Supporters' Trust member Glenn Southam was one of several who reported hearing Roger Johnson shouting to fans shortly before the end of the game, "Don’t f***ing come if you don’t like it" and that they should "F*** off".

You will, of course, be aware of the deep anger that many supporters feel about the gross mismanagement of the club during the last two and a half years. However, despite all the frustrations and disappointments, I think most people would agree that throughout this period the team on the pitch has continued to receive strong vocal support.   The fact that so many people made the journey to Bury on Saturday was symptomatic of this and I would venture that it was also a statement of trust and optimism in your management.

Johnson's alleged comments would be inappropriate at the best of times. In Charlton's current situation they are highly inflammatory and, if they go unchallenged, they risk breaking the crucial bond of support that currently exists for you and the players. This good will won't last long if supporters are treated with such disdain with no response from the club management.

The last thing we need at the moment is division between team and supporters. We therefore urge you to investigate this matter; to take appropriate action and to make public the fact that you have done so.   

Yours sincerely

Richard Wiseman  (Chair, CAS Trust)