Change of Chair for CAS Trust

When Steve Clarke agreed to become chair of CAS Trust early in the new year of 2015 he informed the board that he only wished to remain in the post for a maximum of eighteen months.

Accordingly, he formally stepped down from the Chair at the Trust board meeting on July 26th. The board elected Richard Wiseman as Chair in Steve's place. We are very pleased to say that Steve will continue to offer his experience and wisdom to CAS Trust as he will remain a member of the board.

The board would like to put on record their gratitude to Steve for his calm and authoritative leadership. He brilliantly chaired the Woolwich public meeting last February and he subsequently carried forward the wishes of that meeting by making numerous attempts to engage Roland Duchatelet in meaningful dialogue.  Despite the fact that CAS Trust has over 1100 members and is a formally constituted and democratic organisation set up to work towards a healthy, balanced and constructive relationship between the club and its fans, Duchatelet never even troubled himself to reply in person to Steve's invitations to meet.

Steve departs the Chair with CAS Trust in a healthy and vibrant state. We will endeavour to continue to grow in numbers and in influence towards our goal of seeing Charlton Athletic once again a football club to be proud of.