Our questions for Katrien

We were asked this week to submit questions to Jim White of talkSPORT for his interview with Katrien Meire on Thursday. We were disappointed that none of these questions were put to Meire directly. In fact we were disappointed in the general lack of probing questions used in the interview which was largely bland and unchallenging.

We think that the majority of CAS Trust members would have been genuinely interested in honest answers to the following:

1. We are told the club is not for sale but we struggle to understand why Roland Duchatelet wishes to continue owning Charlton Athletic. He is clearly losing a lot of money and his reputation is being damaged. The club's reputation within the game has been trashed; Supporters feel alienated and disillusioned - not just because of poor results but because of the mismanagement and instability which has caused those results; A club once known for its bond with supporters is now full of discord, anger and apathy. There is misery and dismay all round.
What is Duchatelet's motivation for carrying on ?

2. You have said a number of times that you have made mistakes but that you have learned from them. Could you tell us what you think your worst mistakes have been?

3. Was it a mistake to sack Chris Powell?

4. Whose decision was it to appoint Karel Fraeye as coach? Did that person / those people realise how this appointment would totally undermine any confidence that supporters might still have had in the competence of those in charge to run the club?

5. The Supporters' Trust met with you soon after you arrived at Charlton and we told you about Charlton's successful history of fan involvement at board level. You said that wouldn't be Roland Duchatelet's way of working. Do you now regret that you weren't able to persuade him to accept and harness the skills and experience of supporters which were freely offered to him from day one?

6. Can you confirm that it will be acceptable for supporters to continue to bring banners and flags into The Valley as long as they don't contain overtly offensive language?