The Whole Game Solution – Charlton fans against the changes

658 people took part in our recent survey of the proposed changes to the English Football league (EFL) - known as the Whole Game Solution. The survey shows that the majority of respondents are in favour of things staying as they are but it is not always an overwhelming majority. The high number of people who are undecided suggests that the subject still needs to be more fully debated with the pros and cons set out.

18% were in favour of the proposed changes to four 20 team divisions. 54% were against any change to the current League structure. 27% were undecided.

70% were against regionalisation of the lowest division but 20% were in favour. 10% were undecided.

There was overwhelming support (95%) for the extra clubs required to come from The National League. 0.6% favoured Premier league B teams; 1.5% liked Scottish teams and 3.4% voted for a combination of all three options.

64% were against the idea of a winter break but 22% were in favour. 14% were undecided.

AS far as the FA Cup is concerned 65% were for keeping all FA Cup ties for weekends. 18% were happy for rounds 4 and 5 to be held midweek, 17% were undecided.

As many as 40% of respondents would like to see FA Cup ties decided on the day (ie without a replay). 54% wanted replays to continue. This was the proposed change which met with least resistance from Charlton fans.