Reasons to invest in Charlton Athletic

In the next edition of Trust News (April) we want to do a feature on reasons to buy the club or make an investment in it.

There has been very little positive comment in the media over the last three years about Charlton Athletic. The only aspect of the club to attract praise has been the spirit, the energy, the imagination and the generosity of the supporters who have funded and organised the various protests against the regime which has brought our club to its lowest ebb for generations.

Now, with rumours of the end game growing every day, we would like to promote all the good things about the club. A supporters' prospectus, if you like.

Let us know why you think that Charlton Athletic should be an attractive proposition for a potential buyer.

Do you know of former sponsors who would return to support the club under new ownership?

Are you a former season ticket holder who would renew again if you knew that new owners would bring stability and ambition back to the club?

What other reasons would you promote to someone who was thinking of just buying our club, our famous football club?

Let us know at Every contribution welcome.