Robinson nears longevity landmark

If Karl Robinson can avoid being sacked before the game against Southend on September 9th he will become the longest serving Charlton manager under Roland Duchatelet.

Chris Powell (2 months), Jose Riga (2 months), Bob Peeters (6 months), Karel Fraeye (3 months) Jose Riga (4 months) and Russell Slade (5 months) have long since departed.

Guy Luzon was in post from 13th January 2015 until 24th October 2015 - a total of 284 days.

Robinson was appointed on 28th November 2016. On Saturday September 9th he will have completed 285 days.

In his 30 league games in charge Robinson has accumulated 42 points at an average of 1.4 per game. This means he is the most successful manager under Duchatelet, although Powell's record during his entire tenure at Charlton is better at 1.5, and two of his seasons were at Championship level.

We have seen seven changes of manager since Duchatelet bought the club three and a half years ago. Prior to his ownership there were only five changes in twenty years.

As Robinson celebrates his 274th day in charge with a win at Crawley are we beginning to see the return of some sort of sanity to the running of our football club?