CAFC 2017 accounts: Roland makes a profit

Charlton Athletic Football Company Ltd accounts for the year ending 30th June 2017 have now been published. They can be viewed in full at:

CAS Trust will provide a fuller review of the accounts in due course but the headline figures of interest are:

Income (excluding transfers)

Income fell from £12.1m to £7.6m (a drop of £4.1m or 46%). This was mostly due to reductions in EFL and PL distributions (£3.2m) as a result of relegation to League One. Match day income fell by £1.6m. Johann Berg Gudmundsson's appearance at the 2016 Euro Finals brought in a payment from UEFA of £0.3m.


Expenditure was reduced from £24.6m to £21.9m (a drop of £2.7m or 9%) largely as a result of savings on wages and salaries from £12.4m to £9.8m). The number of employees (monthly average) stayed the same (146).

Operating loss

Operating loss for the year is £14.2m. This is an increase of £1.6m from the £12.57m operating loss of 2016.

Profit on disposal of players

The sales of Lookman, Gudmundsson, Pope, Cousins, Fox, Harriott and Holmes-Dennis along with the triggering of contingent clauses from historical sales raised a profit of £16.1m.

Overall profit

Profit for the financial year is £1.173m. After an unrealised surplus on revaluation of leasehold property of £0.23m the final figure is a profit of £1.41m.


The amount owned to the parent company (Baton 2010 Ltd) at the end of the year was £57.7m. Baton 2010 Ltd is owned by Staprix NV which is 95% owned by Roland Duchatelet.