To boycott or not to boycott

The issue of the rights and wrongs of boycotting Charlton home games has been debated since the start of the protests against Roland Duchatelet's ownership.

We have a lot of admiration for people who have decided to break the custom of a lifetime by refusing to attend games over the past three seasons. We recognise that this has not been an easy sacrifice.  

We also recognise that attending games (often with family and friends) is a central and enriching part of many people's lives and that many have not been able to bring themselves to give it up.

It has been a positive thing that, among protesters, there has generally been mutual respect for both positions. Everyone has acknowledged that it has to be an individual decision.

The Coalition Against Roland Duchatelet (CARD) has now called on Charlton fans to boycott home games.

CAS Trust was a founder member of CARD and we have been pleased to have played a part in forming policy and registering protests over the last thirty months or so. The board of CAS Trust have regularly surveyed our membership to ensure that our approach was broadly in line with membership thinking.

CAS Trust is an open and democratic organisation. Any Charlton fan can join the Trust and put themselves forward for election to the board. At present our board members, while actively opposing Duchatelet's ownership, have reached the decision that they wish to continue to attend home games. This position might change -  for example if there was clear evidence that not attending would speed a sale - but at present, with the principle of a sale established, we do not plan to stop going to The Valley.  

Any coalition has a spectrum of views and, although we understand and respect the majority CARD position, in this particular instance it would be hypocritical given the above for the CAST board to support the call for boycott.