A productive meeting with the EFL

CAST wrote to the EFL on 6th August to request greater clarity on their Owners & Directors Test (ODT) process - in particular in relation to their assessment of the Australian consortium.

Letter to EFL

John Nagle (EFL Head of Policy) contacted us and invited us to a meeting on October 17th.

On 24th August the EFL published a statement on their website announcing that they wished to meet with the club and CAST to "gain a full understanding of the current situation which surrounds the club"

EFL Statement

We were pleased to have a productive and informative meeting with Shaun Harvey, John Nagle and Mark Rowan (EFL Head of PR) yesterday (October 17th) and we are grateful for their time, and for answering our many questions and listening to our comments and concerns. We came out of the meeting:

1. with a better understanding of how the process of applying the ODT works and where the Australian consortium is in that process.

2. in the knowledge that the EFL have begun their review of the situation at the club by meeting Roland Duchatelet last week. We were able to make our own observations and we were pleased to learn that the EFL plan to continue this review by meeting staff at the club; by speaking to CARD and by having further discussions with us.
3. with a better understanding of recent EFL regulation changes. We will continue our own efforts to understand the new regulations and how these might impact the situation at CAFC. As a result of yesterday's meeting we are now in a position to put any further questions concerning this directly to the EFL.

This is a summary of the main points of the meeting: