Season ticket prices go up next Tuesday

Charlton have announced that season tickets for next season will continue to be available "at League One pricing" until and including next Monday July 8th. After that, "Championship pricing" will apply.

If you have been considering buying a season ticket it might be a good idea to make up your mind before Tuesday as some of the increases are considerable:

For an ADULT in most areas the increase is in the region of £50 (c.10%) but the cheapest seats (Lower North and Family Stand) see a 36% increase of £79 from £220 to £299.

It is similar for SENIORS and UNDER 21s who see increases in most areas  in the region of £30 (averaging 10%) but of £79 (36%) in the cheapest seats (from £165 to £225).

STUDENTS face considerable increases wherever they sit with those in Zone 1 looking at a price rise from a flat rate of £165 to £290 (75%) and even those in the cheapest seats paying an extra £34 (20%)

ADULT DISABLED supporters face increases of £105 (33%) in Zone 1 and £79 (36%) in Zone 4 but more modest hikes in Zones 2 and 3 (£50 and £30).

It is similar for SENIOR and UNDER 21 DISABLED supporters who will pay an extra £105 in Zone 1 and £60 in Zones 2 and 4 but only an extra £45 in Zone 3.  WHEELCHAIR users face a similar pattern.

UNDER 18s (previously £115 everywhere) increase to £120 in Zone 4 and a maximum of £150 in Zone 1.


The club say that they have benchmarked against other Championship clubs in setting their prices.

A very quick comparison identifies that:

MILLWALL:  offer a cheapest ADULT season ticket at £433 (CAFC £299) and SENIOR of £260 (cf CAFC £225), although seniors start at 61 at The Den. UNDER 18s pay from £228 - £260 compared with £120 - £150 at CAFC).  Millwall don't appear to have a disability category.

QPR: ADULT prices run from £480 to £674 (cf CAFC £299 to £599). SENIORS (over 60) pay from £283 to £452 (cf CAFC £225 to £455). UNDER 18s are £136 to £220 (cf CAFC £120-£150)

LUTON: Seem to have a much simpler pricing structure. ADULTS £550; SENIORS (over 65) £390 and UNDER 17s £180

READING: rival CAFC in offering an ADULT ticket at £299 but are £10 more expensive for seniors (£235)

(Comparisons with FULHAM and BRENTFORD are hard to make because of stadium developments)

These very rough comparisons bear out the claim that The Valley offers some of the cheapest options for Championship football for the season ahead.

Full pricing details: