Bassini rumour “not true”

The following announcement was made on the CAFC website on Friday afternoon:

"The club has received notice of a change in ownership at East Street Investments (ESI).

ESI purchased Charlton in January from the previous owner Roland Duchatelet.

A legal process has to take place for the change in ownership of ESI to be completed. This is a positive step for the club and will offer some much-needed stability. For legal reasons, we cannot go into any more detail on the change in ownership.

We appreciate that supporters will have plenty of questions and, unfortunately, we cannot answer them at this stage.

We ask for your patience during this process, we will update you as soon as we can."

The Board of Directors


The statement came as a disappointment to fans hoping for some concrete news on the future of our club. Speculation as to the third parties involved in the purchase of East Street Investments is rife, and CAST has sought clarity on the position from the club. We understand that the club cannot go into detail but we are relieved to hear at least that:

"The club has been informed by Panorama that the information that the club has been sold / will be sold to Mr Bassini or a company associated with him is not true"

This will come as a great relief to those fans who had worried that Charlton would become the latest in a series of Bassini-related footballing casualties.

We will continue to push, on behalf of all Charlton fans, for further details of the proposed sale. CAST is also committed to a process of continued engagement with future owners and directors of ESI, and to ensuring that they understand the importance of involving fans and their voices in the running of the Club.