What is happening at our club? – weekly update

On the surface at least, very little has happened this week.

Although there may of course be all sorts of things going on behind closed doors in what used to be  called smoke-filled rooms. Nefarious dealings; nods and winks; shredded documents; encrypted messages; regrettable misunderstandings; scandalous rumours.  And the rest.

Meanwhile, supporters continue in anxious lockdown.

What we can offer you this week is:

1. A link to the answers provided to fan questions by club director Marian Mihail:



2. A link to an interview with Lyle Taylor in which he describes the club as a "circus":



3.  A further link to what CAST are doing in our own smoke-filled room:



Over 400 people have joined CAST since mid March reflecting the level of anxiety many fans are experiencing about the future of our club. Together we are stronger. If you are not a member or you know someone who isn't it is simple to join: