Dear Mr Elliott, please come clean

CAST has today written again to Paul Elliott asking him to explain his continuing failure to gain  EFL approval and urging him to consider making way for other interested parties.


Dear Mr Elliott,

We understood your reluctance in mid June to answer supporter questions until your take over of ESI and CAFC was approved by the EFL. However, there are now only 36 days until the start of next season and it is over a week since the EFL publicly stated that "Further information is now awaited and it remains the responsibility of the club to meet these requirements."

On behalf of all Charlton supporters we urge you to come clean and let us know why it is that you continue to fail to meet EFL requirements. We don't demand the release of commercially sensitive detail but surely, as supporters -"the heart and soul of the club" - we deserve better than the fog of bland and empty reassurance that is all we have been offered so far. We are convinced that, if the EFL remain unsatisfied by your consortium's application for approval, expulsion will be the inevitable conclusion.

If it is not possible for your consortium to take control of our club in short order, would it not be better to accept this, stand aside and to allow other parties to stake a claim for the benefit of the club and the whole Charlton Athletic community?

Yours sincerely

Richard Wiseman  (Chair - CAST)