Christmas greetings and a Quiz for all ages

The very best of Christmas wishes from all at CAST ! Surely, 2021 must hold better things for us all?

As we enter lockdown Christmas why not test your CAFC festive period knowledge to pass some time before kick-off on Boxing Day?  Anyone with a full set of correct answers is entered into the draw for a prestigious prize -  a tasteful crayon drawing of a Range Rover.


1.    Who scored Charlton's last Christmas Day goal ?
Stuart Leary?
Johnny Summers?
Fred Lucas?

2.    Charlton won the game (against Doncaster) 2-0. Why might it have felt a bit of an anti-climax to the 17,417 fans present at The Valley?

3.   Christmas Day was obviously not a popular day for football as the attendance was 5,000 lower than the average for the season. Four months later why did 56,435 turn up for the last game of the season and who were we playing?

4.    26th December 2000 saw our heaviest Boxing Day defeat ever. Who inflicted it and what was the score?

5.    How did we bounce back from that on 30th December and January 1st?

6.    There is a strong argument that 26th December 2003 saw our best ever Boxing Day performance. Who did we beat and who were the goal scorers?

7.    Which two players later swapped clubs?

8.    Which Charlton loanee was sent off on December 22nd 2007 for foul and abusive language and was therefore suspended for the Christmas programme?

9.      Who did we beat on Boxing Day in the victorious 2011/12 campaign and who scored the ninetieth minute winner?

10.    The Boxing Day game last season was a rare highlight during a long poor run. Who did we  beat and who (just) scored the late winning goal?

Tie-breaker question:  After a 9-0 win at Selhurst Park on Boxing Day 2027 how many points will we be leading the Premier League by?


Answers next week.