Naby: “this club gave me so much”

In a revealing interview with Benji Nuryck Naby Sarr talks about his experience as a Charlton Athletic player. How he was determined to prove what a good player he was after his disappointing start; his penalty miss in the play-off semi final and his fatal back pass at Wembley; his free kick at Wimbledon and "that" goal at QPR (of which there is footage you can watch as many times as you like)

“I didn’t give up on the team, I didn’t give up on the club. I came back and showed them that I wanted to give my 100%. I think that’s what I did every game, every single game I played there. And maybe that’s why they liked me. I think it’s the fact that they’ve seen the change. Because fans were there for so many years. They saw me in the first year, then they saw me change and improve and get better and better. So I think that’s why they liked me.”

"when the back pass went into the goal, I thought I was dreaming, to be honest. I thought it was not real, but I looked up at the score and saw 1–0."