Lobby your MP to ensure football reform

After the announcement last week that former Sports Minister Tracey Crouch MP is to chair the long-awaited fan-led review of football governance Ian Mearns (MP for Gateshead) has tabled an early day motion (EDM 1765) which seeks to ensure that the review will deliver real results for football fans on the things that matter to us – giving fans a position in boardrooms and putting them at the heart of decision-making processes within the men’s and women’s game. Measures that will give fans a voice in determining key issues like ticket prices, kick-off times, distribution of finances and funding of the grassroots game.

The Football Supporters Association (FSA) has requested that all member Trusts and individuals lobby their MP to sign the EDM. Further information and guidance can be found here:


Below is an informative article by David Conn outlining five reforms which, if implemented through the fan-led review, could have a real impact and could save the game.


It is really good news that the FSA are to be centrally involved in the forthcoming review. The events of last week have emphasised how influential football supporters can be when they are united. If you are not a member of CAST or you know people who are not members this would be an ideal moment to join. The more members that Supporters Trusts have, the stronger is the influence that the FSA can bring to bear. You can join CAST here: