Renew your membership at the CAST stall this Saturday

We will be at our stall behind The Covered End this Saturday from 2pm to 2.45pm so you can drop by to join or renew your membership and admire our new table cloth. You can pick up your badge at the same time.

The news of Thomas Sandgaard’s take over of the club was fantastic after all the months of anxiety about whether we would even have a club to support. However, it is still very important that CAST is strong and representative. We want to work with Thomas to rebuild the support base, expand its diversity and ensure that the opinions of fans are central to how the club goes forward.

Furthermore, the response of fans recently to the attempt to set up a European Super League showed very clearly the need for fans to be organised. CAST is affiliated to the Football Supporters Association which is playing a central part in the Government's current fan-led review of football.

£5 is all it takes. Together we are stronger.