You will always be at The Valley with me

It was a truly emotional moment when Lionel and Ollie Lewis unveiled the commemorative mosaic of their son and brother Seb before the Portsmouth game last Saturday:


The mosaic - entirely funded by supporter contributions - was created by Paul Siggins and his team at The Mosaic Studio from a brief prepared by C.A.S.T.

Richard Wiseman - Vice Chair of C.A.S.T -  thanked the people who had been crucial to bringing the idea to fruition:

  • Brogue Stevens - who started the fundraising process and raised an initial £10,500
  • Heather Alderson - whose idea it was to commission a mosaic
  • The Charlton Athletic Museum - who provided the artist with background information and tickets
  • Kishan Parma - who suggested the excellent location for the mosaic alongside Charlton legends
  • All supporters who contributed to the cost
  • The artists - Paul and Emma - who turned the vision into a stunning reality.

Seb's father Lionel said that Seb had two families - the Lewis family and the Charlton family. He thanked everyone for their contributions and for the great esteem that Seb was held in. He said he was so grateful for all the warmth and support that Seb received in his final days from his Charlton friends.


There has been an overwhelmingly positive response to the mosaic from Charlton fans:

"A fantastic tribute to our most fantastic fan. Absolutely brilliant"

"That's just a wonderful idea brilliantly executed. Well done all involved"

"Absolute masterpiece if I say so. That is some tribute to our number one fan Seb. Well done all involved…"

"Jaw dropping how good this is. Was genuinely moved at the ceremony when they unveiled it."

"That is superb, the detail contained in it, and the amount of energy that comes out of the mosaic is extraordinary"

Benji Nurick also wrote the following article for the club programme


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