The Charlton Athletic Dossier is launched

Today saw the launch of The Charlton Dossier website. This is must-read material for all who care about the future of football and protecting our clubs. It shows just how easy it was for chancers to take over and nearly destroy Charlton Athletic.

Some might call it "The Wikipedia of Wrong'uns"

It is a glorious, painstaking masterpiece and you can access it here:


The Charlton Dossier issued the following press release:

This website is the culmination of 15 months’ work by a team of Charlton Athletic fans. It
had become clear that neither the media nor relevant regulatory bodies had the appetite to
unpick all the details of the complex web thrown up around the club following the purchase
by East Street Investments in December 2019.

We set about logging every last detail we could find about the protagonists in the chaotic and nearly terminally damaging 9 months of ESI ownership. We developed detailed dossiers on all the main players, wherein every assertion is backed with a link to source. Then as protagonists showed up at other clubs, we realised that a website hosting most of the material can be a huge asset also to fans of those

We hope that some of them will be inspired to produce similar dossiers and websites, so that we can collectively work together to hold to account those who have somehow escaped sanction by the football authorities, and scrutiny by bodies such as HMRC and the SFO. We have already assisted Supporters Trusts at Burnley, and currently at Rochdale.

Initially though, we hope that this site will assist you, the media. We hope the detailed dossiers will do some of the heavy lifting for you, if you have, or would like to have, some of these protagonists on your radar. In several cases we have more detail in the dossiers that we do not wish to make available publicly, but which we can share once we have established a dialogue to build mutual trust.

Of course we recognise that trust starts with transparency. We hope you will understand that our team members are a little reluctant to step out of the shadows, given the nature of the material they have unearthed. They have however appointed a spokesman who is an experienced veteran of past media – driven campaigns by Charlton fans, and is already known to some of you with whom we share this announcement.
Twitter: @CharltonDossier


If you would like to better understand what is currently happening at Rochdale this article might help:

If you would like to join nearly 3000 Charlton fans as a member of CAST you can do so here: