Can Tracey Crouch save football from the wrong’uns?

We are grateful to our friends at The Charlton Dossier for this update on the progress of Tracey Crouch's Fan-Led Review. Publication of the final review is expected very shortly.

The article makes the important point that the review is not a Parliamentary Bill. When the full Review is published it should quickly become so but....

"However in order to have the best chance of quickly being enacted, it needs to first be adopted by the Dept.for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, (DCMS) headed up by Nadine Dorries. It is she who can make or break the passing of Tracey Crouch’s recommendations into law. Ms Dorries, it is fair to say, is a controversial politician. Nevertheless, a member of the CAST board was recently in a conference call with her and reported that she appeared to have readily grasped all the key issues and was apparently committed to resolving them"

The full article: