Appeal for Afghan Women’s team

The Football Supporters Association have appealed for clothing and funds to support the young players of The Afghan Women's Development Team who have at last arrived in this country having escaped the violence of The Taliban.

Kim Kardashian and Leeds United have helped an Afghan junior women's football team arrive in the UK after fleeing the Taliban. The social media influencer paid for a flight that brought more than 30 teenage girls and their families - about 130 people in all - to Britain.

The players in Afghanistan's women's youth development team were among hundreds of female athletes that have left the country since the Taliban took over and started curbing women's freedoms.

The team are in need of multiple layers of support - from basic essentials to more specialised support (given the traumatic ordeal they and their families have been through and other family members are still through back in their country).

  1. Funds to assist with living expenses - including food and medical needs
  2. Warm clothing and shoes

Details of how to donate are below:

  1. Funds

If you would like to donate funds please do so via this page:


2.  Clothing

If you can/would like to donate warm clothing and shoes please donate to:
Play for Change
Elland Road
Beeston, Leeds
LS11 0ES

*Please note they need women's/men's/boys/girls clothing in a range of sizes and ages.
For clothing the group needs any/all the following:

Children sizes 4-11 years:

Clothing (sports, casual day etc)
New underwear & socks
Hats & Gloves
Toys, Games, Colouring Book & Colours

Adults and Teenage Men:
Clothing (jeans, sports, casual, formal)
New underwear & socks
Shoes sized 40-43
Hats & Gloves

Adult and Teenage Woman:
Long coats/jackets
Long sleeved tops/dresses
Leggings & loose trousers
New underwear & socks
Hats & Gloves
Shoes sized 35-39

Toothbrushes and toothpaste
Body lotion and shower gel
Shampoo and conditioner
Make up
First aid kits