Essential reading for all Charlton fans

Museum Trustee Ian Wallis has lovingly and patiently compiled the first of a trilogy of fascinating books which will be essential reading for every Charlton supporter.

The Valiant 1000 will be the most comprehensive series of books ever written about Charlton Athletic and contains detailed biographies and the statistical records of every one of the near 1000 players who have appeared at first team level since 1921 when the club was elected to the Football League.

The first of three volumes is now available and comprises a massive annual sized book containing 375
pages, crammed full of both biographies and photos of the first 333 players alphabetically A to H.
Everyone from Pawel Abbott to Geoff Hammond.

This book is a must have purchase for every Charlton supporter and is guaranteed to include many new facts about your favourite players as well as numerous interesting and informative stories about players from the club's glorious past.

Here are some early reviews from Charlton fans who have already bought a copy:

"Just received my copy. It builds on the Valiant 500 and is much more detailed. It has exceeded expectations. I love the detail about what players did after football and the quirky facts. I can't wait for the next two editions."

"I took delivery of my copy this morning. I've had a delightful hour browsing through it and I'm sure there are many many more to come. Each entry is more detailed than in Colin Cameron's similarly named volume. With 375 pages just for volume one, the average entry is a page per player - though some notables (Bows, Curbs, Bartram...) get several pages each. There's a lot more biographical information with fascinating facts on every page. Who'd have ever thought that about Abraham Goodman? This book is telling you stuff that Colin Cameron dared not print. If you haven't got a copy yet go out and get one. "

The Valiant 1000 volume 1 costs £30 and is available from The Charlton Athletic Museum (open Fridays 11am - 3pm) or contact Ian Wallis at