Free tickets “will not just be printed and distributed” again

The CAST representative at the Fans Forum on June 16th (Paul Breen) asked the club to provide a clear statement of their intentions with regard to ticketing initiatives for next season. The CAST annual survey demonstrated a high level of dissatisfaction with the way the Fill The Valley campaign was handled last season and we are aware of a number of supporters who are delaying buying a season ticket until they know whether last season's efforts are to be repeated.

Raelynn Maloney responded by acknowledging the errors made and by stressing that initiatives for the 22/23 season would be more focused on existing season ticket holders.

Excerpts from the Fans Forum minutes as follows:

"She said the club are looking at season-ticket holders as the people who the club wants to work alongside in Fill The Valley efforts."

"She said the club would be more focused on ticket sales to groups (schools, charities, grassroots clubs) who want to attend matches with their friends, teammate and families."

"She said the club are talking to a number of schools and grassroots teams, developing partnerships and will begin to work with them in a way where they can possibly earn money through fundraising with ticket sales to their community."

"She said if any free-ticket initiatives are considered, we will talk with season-ticket holders as well as focus on filling the two areas of The Valley which haven’t been selling, so it doesn’t impact season-ticket holders. She said tickets will not just be printed and distributed – the club want to know who is coming to The Valley so we can invite them back again, and again."

"She said as part of the season-ticket holder benefit package, season-ticket holders will again be provided with an opportunity to bring a friend (a ticket for a friend to four specific games)"

"She said the club would look to share their strategy ahead of the start of the season."


The full minutes of The Fans Forum:'%20Forum%20June%202022.pdf