Last chance to join or renew your membership with cash

The CAST stall will be open from 2pm to 2.45pm behind The Covered End on Saturday ahead of the match with Port Vale for anyone wanting to join or renew their membership.

You can always renew your membership on-line or by bank transfer (or even by cheque) but, if you prefer to meet your obligations with cash, this is your last opportunity to come and say hello and hand over a crisp fiver to ensure that you  continue to support CAST and will be kept informed about all the twists and turns of life at Charlton Athletic throughout the summer. We will even give you a badge if you ask nicely.

CAST membership remains steady at just over 2700 and we are very grateful for the continuing loyalty of all our members. Every time someone renews their membership it gives us a confidence boost and we are reassured that we must be doing something right.

If we don't see you on Saturday let us now wish you a good "cricket season" and let's hope that we all find reason to come back to The Valley with a spring in our steps in August......................