Disillusion suggests 30% drop in season ticket sales

CAST received 1,240 responses to our recent season ticket intentions survey which ran from 5th April. During that time speculation has continued regarding the ownership of the club so these results should be considered in that context.

18% of current season ticket holders have already renewed for 2023/24 while a further 34% say they will definitely renew - totalling 52%.  This compares with 65% at this stage last year.

The remaining 48% will:

  • possibly buy (19%)
  • are unlikely to buy (13%)
  • are undecided (11%)
  • or will definitely not buy (6%).

This suggests that a maximum of about 70% of current holders are likely to renew.

Of those who didn’t have a 22/23 season ticket

  • only 1% have already purchased a season ticket for 23/24
  •  7% said they possibly will.
  • 57% said they definitely will not and
  • 29% said it was unlikely.
  • 6% are undecided.

Current season ticket holders who have already bought or will definitely buy gave as their main reasons:

  • Habit of a life time 67%
  • Get together with family and friends 48%
  • Commitment to club’s future 40%
  • To secure my seat 37%
  • Belief in Dean Holden’s management 33%

Only 1% gave as their reason “show support for current ownership”

Current season ticket holders who do not at present intend to buy a 23/24 season ticket were asked why not. Their reasons were:

  • Disillusioned with the ownership / direction of the club 90%
  • Not good value for money 26%
  • League One football 18%

Non season ticket holders who do not at present intend to buy a 23/24 ticket gave their reasons as:

  • Disillusioned with the ownership / direction of the club 60%
  • Live too far away 34%
  • Not good value for money 22%
  • Prefer flexibility of deciding match by match 17%

When asked what would make them more likely to buy a 23/24 season ticket both current holders and non current holders said they would be motivated by:

  • New signings / belief in the squad and management 80%
  • Change of ownership 68%
  • Special offers for s/t holders 24%

Overall there is very little optimism about the club’s prospects. 75% described themselves as feeling negative (30% very negative). Only 15% said they were positive (1% very positive).

58% of respondents thought Charlton would finish 7th – 12th next season. 22% predicted bottom half, but not relegation. 18% thought we would reach the play-offs. 2% thought we would be relegated and 1% predicted automatic promotion.


We asked respondents to comment on their general thoughts and feelings about season tickets. Below is a representative sample of comments received:

"No real buzz around the place. A summer of intent may sway me, but to be surrounded by negativity every other Saturday isn't good for my health."

"I would consider buying once I know the outcome of the ownership and the clubs financial ability to get in the kind of quality of players required to get out of this league."

"I feel very little connection to the club under the current ownership. I no longer feel like it's "my" club like I always previously have and combined with often times poor football and a complete lack of promotion challenge year on year makes attending games feel like a chore as opposed to the weekly highlight it used to be."

"If I do decide to renew it will be partly in hope and mainly as a show of confidence in the current manager. He has been like a breath of fresh air in his approach and interviews, and I'm sure as appalled at the quality, or lack of, in the players he has inherited as I am. His character is in sharp contrast to the succession of buffoons we have had to endure as owners."

"Going to see what signings we make and if that is positive, along with a change in ownership I might purchase. Otherwise will buy individual tickets and maybe a 1/2 season ticket."

"Prices are reasonable but it takes a real emotional effort to commit in our current position"

"I'm a Charlton fan not an ownership fan. It makes no differance who owns us and what league we are in, if I have the money I will always buy season ticket."

"Have enjoyed watching women’s team as a perk of having a ST this year. Hope it continues, although haven’t seen mention of it."

"Good value for money"

"not sure the promise that we will only pay 5% increase if we were to be promoted is a reason I will renew. I support the club and want to spend time with family. It's just a shame that the ownership and investment seems so uncertain."

"Dean Holden is the biggest positive right now, the main reason I'm considering renewing."

"The 'woe is me' stuff from fans is getting a bit much now. Yes the ownership is bad and the team is terrible. But the club needs its fans more now than during the good times."

"Pricing differences between Zone 1 and Zone 2 seems ridiculously large. Almost an extra 50% to move across the aisle."

"Prices way too high. £625 for the East Stand. £560 Millwall’s top price and they are chasing a play off place to the Premiership."

"I will always renew my ST as long as the Valley Express continues running."

"They're good value if you can go every week."

"If Leaburn, Dobson, AM-B are sold and we don't invest in decent players we will not buy our 6 season tickets"

"I’ve been a season ticket holder since Selhurst but I think this might finally be the one ! Despondent over Sandgaard I'm afraid - and there’s only one way I can show it"

"Purely down to ownership. Once again we have an owner who does not invest properly into the team. Off the pitch we see his woefully under qualified son in a senior role and rampant bullying taking place behind the scenes. All under his watch."

"Would you pay in advance for a meal that you know would disappoint you?"

"We live in continual hope"


Of the 1240 respondents to the survey:

  • 59% were CAST members
  • 41% were non- CAST members
  • 88% were male
  • 11% were under 35
  • 25% were 35 - 55
  • 64% were over 55
  • 31% live in SE London
  • 36% live in Kent
  • 17% live elsewhere in London or SE England
  • 13% live elsewhere in the UK
  • 2% live abroad

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