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Politicians chase football vote as Safe Standing favoured by Lib Dems #CAFC

Fri Aug 22 2014

The Lib Dems became the second major political party to address concerns of football fans as they proposed the introduction of Safe Standing this week The junior coalition partner have gone for the potentially popular policy which would involve clubs being allowed to install rail seating, although given how much of their Manifesto was sacrificed to the…

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Book Review: “Punk Football”

Fri Aug 8 2014

“Punk Football” – a dodgy name for a book all Trusts must read. Punk Football – The Rise of Fan Ownership in English football , by Jim Keoghan If you have any interest at all in whether and how fans should have greater control or influence over the clubs they love, this well written and…

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Making an ‘Efford’ for Change #CAFC

Sat Jul 12 2014

Eltham MP and Shadow Sports Minister Clive Efford called a meeting of Supporters Trusts with himself at Parliament earlier this month to discuss ideas for change in the Game. On 2nd July CAS Trust Chairman Barnie Razzell and Richard Wiseman Trust Secreteary represented Charlton fans  at a meeting  at The House of Commons to discuss The Labour…

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Football league clubs reject Dyke’s B team proposals

Mon Jun 9 2014

Football League clubs at their summer meeting in  Portugal have this week rejected Greg Dyke’s plan   The proposal includes implementing an extra division between League 2 and The Conference where Premier League B teams could compete.  They also rejected the idea of “strategic loan partnerships” which would have allowed clubs from the top two…

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Review of Championship Finances 2013

Sun Apr 20 2014

This time last year we took a look at a summary of 2012 accounts and concluded that a typical Championship club was losing £7M   Some clubs were losing considerably more in an effort to secure promotion to the FAPL or simply a hangover from having been relegated. The reader will be aware that Financial…

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Is Safe Standing Debate Reaching New Heights?

Tue Dec 3 2013

Manchester United Supporters’ Trust (MUST) are attempting to finance the introduction of ‘safe standing’ areas at Old Trafford Also in the news is that Bristol City are attempting to redevelop Ashton gate as a dual code stadium with standing facilities, so we could finally see a sudden, mainstream breakthrough on a topic that has been…

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