#CAFC Season starts here (CP) – 2-2 at Oakwell, Trust stall for Donny

Sun Aug 18 2013

Chris Powell’s Men grabbed a comeback draw, in the third game in a somewhat disappointing start to the season One thing is definitely true, it’s the start of my season, having been cruelly whisked away to foreign shores by the Missus, and the awkward scheduling of the summer holidays to clash with the football season…

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Minutes of 7th Meeting 11 October 2012

Fri Oct 12 2012

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Minutes of 6th Meeting 25 September 2012

Wed Sep 26 2012

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Minutes of 5th Meeting 4th September 2012

Wed Sep 5 2012

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Minutes of 4th Meeting 23rd August 2012

Fri Aug 24 2012

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Minutes of 3rd Meeting 9th August 2012

Fri Aug 10 2012

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