CAS Trust Ready for Take Off, Target: 2000 ‘feet’

CAS Trust Broke the 700 Barrier This Week on the Way to Their 1000 Members Target

Ahead of schedule and breaking peace time records, the new kids on the Charlton block went supersonic this week  fuelled by a potent mix of ACV, TNT, CAFC engagement, and a match day stall with volunteers and Board members all pitching in.

Target 1000The Trust network broke through the  3500 network ceiling, cruising at 3,643, while memberships rose to 725 closing in on the target of 1000 set way back when the trust launched, and well above schedule.

The ascent of ACV - which has resonated with Addicks who have continued to climb steadily - has not finished yet and the Trust hopes to give fans a further opportunity to support this in person at future match day stalls. The fledgling supporters' trust will also be surveying all its members on how they think the group is doing, and what future direction should be.

CAS Trust Chairman Barnie Razzell said:

"ACV is a great example of what Trusts can do but its only the beginning, and one of a number of areas we are working on. We have probably over achieved in our first year, with this, our Back to the Valley event last year, our website and TNT publication, and I expect it won't always be like this.

"With the support of those who matter - the fans - which we are very much appreciate of, we hope to work steadily and quietly towards our goals of preserving  CAFC for this and future generations,  representing Charlton fans, and contributing to the success of the football club"


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