CAS Trust Membership surges as successful Valley ACV campaign closes

Saturday may have witnessed a poor display on the pitch but outside the ground Charlton fans made a great showing

CAS Trusts' match day stall attracted a good deal of interest after the ACV status hit the headlines on Friday night with Royal Borough of Greenwich emailing at 17:01. This meant a rushed interview and no earlier press release for interested media outlets.

The Trust membership now at 870 leapt upwards as fans took in the news.

Fans can find out more about what Valley ACV means for Charlton here

Trust Chairman Barnie Razzell stated at the weekend

"ACV for the Valley recognises Charlton fans have an stake in the future of their football club.

We hope the mechanism for ACV is never used, because we hope the club will always continue its current commitment of consultation for any kind of move or sale of the Valley, just as they supported this application.

We are committed to giving fans a voice, not by speaking for them, but by our work so far in asking them what they think through our surveys and research, and publishing that.

ACV adds to that both symbolically and in certain specific circumstance - if the ground were put up for sale separately to the football club, there must be a consultation period - and we would hope to ensure that as many Charlton fans as possible were allowed to give their views, as well as a supporting provision of a full independent and balanced case for and against.

If you want to support us in giving you the fans a voice, please join us today via our website on together we can make a difference and be a positive voice for the benefit of our football club."