CAST responds to Southall’s threat to sue

As our members and fans may have seen on Twitter, we received correspondence from Matthew Southall earlier this week, threatening us with legal action for defamation, due to the publication of Marian Mihail's answers to our weekly questions. We think it's important, in the interests of transparency, now that the initial correspondence has been made public, that our members and Charlton fans in general see our response, and the subsequent chain of correspondence, which is reproduced below.

The email received from Matthew Southall below.

Our reply;

We received the following response from Mr Southall a little later that evening, which is reproduced below.

Our response, in turn, is reproduced below:

We are committed to the approach set out in those emails, namely to defend vigorously Mr Southall's unfounded allegations of defamation, and we remain hopeful that he will retract those allegations. In the meantime, we remain focused on protecting Charlton Athletic, for now and for always.