No progress on ticket refunds

Charlton's position on refunds for matches that supporters cannot attend remains the same. Requests for refunds will be processed "when the club's ticket office re-opens following the end of the current lockdown"

The magazine The Athletic reports this week that in the EFL the majority of clubs are waiting for further guidance as to how the season will be concluded before committing to any particular approach.

"But alternative or supplementary options to refunds are being considered by several clubs, including free match streaming for season ticket holders, or giving supporters credit to spend on future tickets or merchandise with the club"

Adam French of the consumer group Which commented that, in the event of a club not offering refunds "if you are only getting part of what you've paid for from a service, you're entitled to a proportional refund for what you're not receiving." But he added "there may be a force majeure (something outside the club's control) clause in the contract limitations. It could mean that the club can suspend its obligations under the contract, which could include whether or not to offer people refunds"

He continued: "For anyone who is in urgent need of the money, then you should first approach their club directly. You can speak to your bank about a potential chargeback or a claim under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. A chargeback is if you pay for your ticket with your debit card, the bank can try to get the money back. If you paid with your credit card you can try to claim under Section 75. That makes your credit card company jointly liable for a breach of contract. Your credit card provider should then step in and refund the money"

A survey carried out by The Football Supporters Association (FSA) found that the lower down the League you go, the more supporters you'll find in favour of allowing clubs to retain the remaining value of their 2019-20 season tickets. In The Championship, 51% of supporters stated their preference was to accept it as credit for future campaigns. In League Two 57.5% of fans preferred to give the refund back to the club.

FSA vice-chair Tom Greatrex said "Supporters have legitimate concerns about where they stand with season tickets, refunds and loyalty points. Clubs should endeavour to answer them as best as they can and speak to supporters about what they want. There are no easy answers that suit everyone in the current situation but being open and talking will go a long way."

There have been contrasting responses to the situation from two North East EFL clubs this week:

Middlesbrough announced:

"To all our Season Card Holders who have missed out on the final four games of this season, we are offering a pro-rata credit on your ticketing account which can be used against future purchases including Season Cards and match tickets. This process will happen automatically, and confirmation will be sent.

If you do require a refund instead of a credit please contact ."

Sunderland, in contrast

"Should the season be completed behind closed doors, season card holders would be automatically entitled to a streaming pass only. No further refund would be provided either by way of cash or voucher. The streaming pass will include home games only and represent  the games included within the corresponding season card. Streaming passes for away games would be available to purchase separately".